Here at we know all about the importance of taking care of not only your cordless drill battery but all cordless tool batteries. In this article we'll give you tips that apply to all cordless batteries but we thought it would be good to focus on the most popular.

Milwaukee Battery and Charger

Cordless Drill Battery tip # 1: 

Only use battery packs specifically designed for your cordless drill. Using batteries not intended for your cordless drill can lead to fire, injury and/or damage to your tool.

Cordless Drill Battery tip # 2:

Only use battery chargers specifically designed for your cordless drill battery. Like tip #1 only use items that came with your drill or that you know are compatible. A charger not designed for your cordless drill battery can cause a fire.

Cordless Drill Battery tip # 3:

Store your cordless drill battery in an environment where the temperature doesn't get too cold or too hot. Extreme temperatures can shave years off of your battery's life. We recommend storing batteries in your home where temperatures are regulated.

Cordless Drill Battery tip # 4:

When your battery charger is not in use make sure there are no metal objects near the charging ports. If a metal item such as a paperclip, nail, key or coin come in contact with 2 charging ports at once it can cause damage to your charger or even worse, a fire.

Cordless Drill Battery tip # 5:

Do not use a battery or tool that is damaged or modified. This can cause burns or a fire. Search our massive database for new parts and batteries for your tools to ensure they're safe to use.

Cordless Drill Battery tip # 6:

Do not expose your cordless drill battery to fire. Temperatures over 265 degrees Fahrenheit can cause an explosion.

In conclusion, follow these tips or you'll catch something on fire..... In all seriousness please be safe and use care when it comes to power tools and cordless batteries.

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