How to find discontinued parts

What do you do when you need a power tool part and it's discontinued? Searching for a discontinued part can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Let's say you need a new switch for your Milwaukee Miter Saw. It's the best saw you have. There isn't anything else wrong with it. You just need a new switch. You type the switch part number into your favorite replacement parts website and it pops up discontinue. Now what? Do you just throw your whole miter saw in the dumpster?

We're going to give you 3 ways to find the discontinued parts you need.

1. Search power tool part websites. Of course you'll want to start with….. (Shameless Plug). No seriously, we search the earth for what we call “old new tool parts”. We kind of specialize in the hard to find parts. Plus, if we don't have a discontinued part we may know of another part that will work for you.

If we don't have it, keep searching. There are a few power tool retailers on the internet. Someone might have your part sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere.

2. Check Ebay. People are constantly uploading new parts every minute on Ebay. If you don't see your part, try again the next day.

We had a customer call us looking for a blade bolt for his perfectly good DeWalt table saw. Of course the bolt was discontinued. He was so worried he would have to buy a new table saw just because he couldn't find a new blade bolt. We didn't have the bolt in stock so we directed him to Ebay.

Guess what? He typed the part number into Ebay and there it was! He ordered it right away and then called us back thanking us for the recommendation.

3. Try local tool repair shops or hardware stores. If you're lucky enough to have a tool repair shop in your town give them a call. They might have your part or know someone who does. It's worth a shot.

We wish you the best of luck in finding your discontinued power tool parts. We hope this post helps in your search. Don't forget to check out for new and hard to find tool parts!